There’s a New Dog in Town…Perfectly Maggie “A Sleepytime Story”

My daughter loves dogs! She has dozens of stuffed pups and everyday one of them is either celebrating a birthday or is sick and needs to visit the doctor. Her favorite dramatic play activity is “doggie daycare” where her stuffed dogs go when their owners are at work. Lillian proudly takes on the roll of “teacher” and leads her stuffed friends in choreographed songs and tricks. Although she loves all of her dogs her favorite is Sweetie Pie. I never imagined there could ever be a stuffed dog that would capture my daughter’s heart like Sweetie Pie…until we met Maggie!

*Although I was given the book Perfectly Maggie A Sleepytime Story to review, the thoughts and opinions expressed here are all my own.

Mommy and Lillian reading “Perfectly Maggie.”

Lillian was introduced to Maggie through the book Perfectly Maggie a Sleepytime Story artfully written by Meg Maguire and beautifully illustrated by Josie Lee. The rhyming words and charming illustrations instantly capture the attention of children and adults who are young at heart.

In the book a charismatic dog named Maggie is far from perfect with her crooked smile, squeaky bark, tangled fur and wobbly knees. But anyone who meets Maggie instantly sees she has a huge heart filled with kindness, making her perfect in her own special way. The book helps children understand that although we all have our own special quirks, we need to embrace what makes us unique and simply be ourselves.

Making sure our daughter develops self esteem while learning how to be kind and helpful are skills my husband and I want to instill in our daughter. Maggie the dog is the perfect model as she empowers her siblings to survive in a puppy mill and naturally puts the needs of others in front of her own. The book Perfectly Maggie a Sleepytime Story encourages the reader to reflect on their day and share a way they were helpful, kind or polite that day. Parents are asked to share too creating a special nighttime routine for the entire family. I really like the “Puppy Pact” at the end of the book for the family to sign that makes them promise to try everyday to make Maggie wag her tail. My family received Maggie and her book set at the beginning of the summer and Perfectly Maggie a Sleepytime Story quickly become a favorite read aloud. The nighttime routine of sharing a success story is something my family looks forward to at the end of the day.

Maggie has a special talent of encouraging others to spread kindness and rigorously wags her tail to and fro when someone acts nicely. “Swoosh, swoosh, goes her tail – swinging left! Swinging right – when someone is helpful, or kind or polite.”

Perfectly Maggie a Sleepytime Story comes in a beautifully packaged set that includes the hard bound book, a bonus pop up book (of Maggie wagging her tail) that can be used to reinforce the nighttime routine. An adorable stuffed dog that perfectly matches the illustrations in the book completes the set. The stuffed dog is high quality and the perfect size for my three year old daughter. My daughter was immediately drawn to the stuffed pup and our Maggie has survived multiple baths in the washing machine after the many adventures she has taken with our little Lillian. Maggie has been on vacation with our family, regularly goes to church and has enjoyed several special celebrations. With the stuffed Maggie by her side Lillian has a special reminder to be helpful, kind and polite wherever she goes. Always remember to be…”Perfectly You!”

This is a book set that every child in your life would enjoy. You can purchase the book Perfectly Maggie a Sleepytime Story on Amazon or by visiting

The author of Perfectly Maggie a Sleepytime Story has generously offered to give one of my readers an autographed copy of her book set! To enter the random drawing please share this article on social media and leave a comment on my blog. This giveaway is open to United States residents over the age of 18.

This giveaway has ended. Click here to read about the winner.

52 thoughts on “There’s a New Dog in Town…Perfectly Maggie “A Sleepytime Story”

    1. We also are so glad that L enjoys the book. Thank-you for the nice words. We believe it is never too early to start teaching children good values.


  1. “There’s a New Dog in Town ..,,….,,,,…” provides an excellent approach to specific values that are so important.The way in which these values are reinforced should easily keep a child interested in making the effort to be helpful, kind and polite each day. It also ties in so well with Character Education which is part of the school curriculum.

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  2. So, Sweetie Pie and Lillian have a new best friend! I’m sure Lillian will have many in her life, she’s so out-going. The book & puppy would be a great gift for any child.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank-you, Ruby. We were thrilled to hear that Lillian loved the book, and you are right…it is a great gift!


    1. We are glad you think so. It is available in slected retail stores or on Amazon…that is if you don’t win your own signed copy. Good Luck!


  3. Awww…I have been entertained by Lillian’s adorable make believe doggie daycare in her home, so it’s not surprising that she fell for Maggie!
    I love books that promote pro-social, character building skills which I believe should be a the top of the list for parents to focus on in the early years.
    Maggie is a PERFECT tool for parents to utilize with all the children who are enamored with “dog-dogs” (as my granddaughter calls them:)

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    1. Deanna, I hope we get to hear more about Lillian’s make believe doggie daycare in her home throughout the year. Us pups in KindMore Kennel love a good story too. Thank-you for your kind words. We will do our best to continue to promote pro-social character building skills through our social media platforms, most notably to date on our facebook page:


  4. I love the idea of a book that helps children reflect on their day. This can help children create memories while also settling down for bed.

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  5. Isn’t it the best when your child falls in love with a book?!?
    We read books every night at bedtime. We will have to read this one (well, now my little one can read to me!).

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  6. My husband and I are both teachers We think this book is outstanding. I taught first grade and the children loved having a book and an animal that matched one of the characters
    Maggie is a great example of how children how children should think of others they too can help others
    What a delightful way to teach a child this concept

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  7. Having seven young grandchildren, I like the stories that teach. With this being the age of technology, it is good to know that there are books like Maggie that can help children learn and share at the same time. Thank you so much.

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  8. How sweet is this?!?! What a darling way to teach such an important life lesson! I’ll definitely have to check this out for my girls, Thank You for sharing 💕

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  9. This sounds like a great book! My little guy loves dogs already! It’s one of the animals he can identify! He would love this!


  10. Sounds like a great book for the grandchildren! I will need to get one to keep at my house.
    Lillian is going to grow up to be such a kind and caring person. You are certainly teaching her about the important things in life.

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