Play Dough, Painting, Playing and a Birthday Parade… Day 12 Activities

My daughter just wasn’t feeling it today so I didn’t push her. She really needed a day of free play and rest so that is exactly what we did!

Play Dough- – Is there anything better than a giant batch of fresh play dough? My daughter enjoyed helping me make homemade play dough. As I stated in an earlier post, the best play dough recipes are the ones that require heat. I used my tried and true preschool play dough recipe, shared with me by a former teaching partner twenty-five years ago!! (How can I be that old?) Play dough making is filled with countless learning opportunities… math, measuring, science (color mixing) and following directions. My daughter requested purple play dough and we added a vanilla scent. Don’t forget to add a color and a scent. Some people add glitter for extra fun! Once your play dough is ready, use cookie cutters, scissors and straws as play dough tools. We made pretend cookies and constructed numbers. (roll the play dough into long skinny snakes and then construct numbers)Painting– People have posted some beautiful stained glass window creations on line. We used paint dobbers designed for windows and painted stained glass crosses on several of our interior windows. My daughter really enjoyed painting and said, “Now when we have church at home our house will look like church too!”

The Power of Play– Young children learn the best through play and they need to engage in imaginative play often so they can learn and grow not only academically but socially and emotionally. My daughter uses a sweet high pitched voice when she creates dialogue for her action figures or stuffed animals. Our home was filled with the sweet sound of play and through this play my daughter was learning to navigate her new reality, After she played with her toys for a awhile she was happier and better equipped to face the rest of the day.

Birthday Parade– A preschool friend turned five today and we participated in her birthday parade. A birthday parade was exactly what we needed to raise our spirits and we ended the day on a happy note! We used the paint dobbers made for windows to decorate the windows in daddy’s truck. Then we made a sign and added some balloons. During the parade my daughter and I jumped in the bed of the truck and held our signs for the birthday girl to see. We also made a special birthday card for the birthday girl.