Tasty Tuesday With Pizza and a “Soup Opera,” (Week of the Young Child).. Day 43

Today is Tasty Tuesday! This fun, food themed day is about more than cheese and crust! When we cook with our children we incorporate math, literacy skills and science, while teaching them about good nutrition.

Pizza– My daughter and I made pizza for lunch. She topped her pizza to look like a funny face complete with pepperoni eyes, ears, and mouth, and dressed with cheese hair. My little one doesn’t like cooked cheese so that’s why her pizza face only had a wee bit of cheese hair. In keeping with the pizza theme we read one of our favorite books, The Little Red Hen Makes a Pizza written by Philemon Sturges. A modern twist the classic tale, this retelling has our mouth watering every time! CLICK HERE to read The Little Red Hen Makes a Pizza.

Jesus Feeds 5,000– We read the Bible story about Jesus feeding 5,000 men with just five loaves of bread and two fish. The story validates that God provides miracles when we trust in Him. CLICK HERE to watch an animated version of the story. After watching and discussing the story we traced my daughter’s hand and made a collage with Goldfish to remind us of God’s miracle.

I Can’t Eat the SOUP!– We really enjoyed watching the “soup opera,” I Can‘t Eat the Soup! by the extremely talented children’s performer, Jim Gill. A few summers ago we were lucky to see Jim Gill in concert at our local library. After watching several different versions on line, we enjoyed acting the “soup opera” out ourselves! CLICK HERE to watch the most recent version of I Can’t Eat the Soup! and CLICK HERE to watch one complete with a symphony orchestra!

Shapes, Scavenger Hunts and Pizza…Day 13 Activities

Although the day was filled with exploration and fun for my daughter, this Noteworthy Mommy felt a bit down. As more districts make the decision to bring the school year to a close I know it’s just a matter of time before our local schools make the announcement. I’m melancholy over the lack of closure and the inability to say a proper goodbye to friends who will be leaving us and going to the public school next year. I know we are not in this alone.

The Shape of ThingsAfter we watched my daughter’s teacher read the book The Shape of Things by Dayle Ann Dodds, I got out some attribute blocks and my daughter and I made houses. It was a good review of basic shapes and colors and a chance to problem solve and use some creativity. Indoor Scavenger Hunt– Per her teachers suggestion we did an indoor scavenger hunt where we searched for things that began with L, the first letter in my daughter’s name. This was a great way to work on initial sounds and we will defiantly do it again with another letter. 

Backyard Scavenger Hunt– The weather was beautiful today so we spent a majority of the afternoon outside reading books and taking a long scooter ride. We also participated in a backyard scavenger hunt. We followed the one listed here but you could easily make up your own. My daughter and I enjoyed working together to find the items on this list. With clipboard in hand she checked a box next to each item after it was found. We documented the Hunt by taking pictures but you could draw a picture of each item as well.

Weekly Lenten Church Service- Yesterday was such a busy day we didn’t have time to go to church. This afternoon my daughter and I sat down and worshiped together. The familiar songs along with scripture brought some much needed comfort on this day. CLICK HERE to watch our Lutheran worship service. Pizza and a Family Meeting– We ended our day by making our own pizzas for dinner. My daughter designed a face on one and used pepperoni for eyes! After dinner we had a Talley Family Zoom meeting with my in-laws and sister in-law.