What’s Behind the Picture? Documenting Our Time in Isolation…Day 40

A photo captures a single moment in time, a framed slice of reality shot by the photographer. A good photograph can conjure emotion, take the viewer to places he or she has never seen or create a memory for the future. Photographs are wordless ways to share and document life but they never tell the whole story. As you view my blog and the photos embedded within, note that the photos I choose to share simply capture fleeting seconds during hours of isolation. Our days during this pandemic are far from picture perfect, filled with a storm of emotions represented by the good, the bad and the ugly. Along with the struggle, fear, disappointment, frustration and anger, God has blessed us with beautiful moments of tenderness, love, joy and laughter. When all of this is over the carefree moments that brought us closer together as a family, a community, and a nation are the memories I want to remember.

The Many Faces of Lillian Clare– I took Easter pictures of my little one in our backyard and got a variety of facial expressions!

Showing Love for Curious George?- Although this photo shows a smiling little girl sitting next to my beloved childhood friend, Curious George, the introduction was anything but cordial. When she saw my vintage Curious George she refused to hold him, let alone hug him! To get this adorable photo I had to bribe her with candy!

In Isolation– Taken moments before virtual circle time (with her preschool class), this picture shows the frustration, uncertainty and disappointment we have all experienced during the pandemic. My little one finds comfort cuddling with her favorite blanket, affectionately named Nae Nae.

Comfort Comes When We Connect… The Power of Technology During This Time of Uncertainty

The first few days of being isolated at home were fun; perhaps a bit of a novelty if you will. But over the weekend reality set in and this time of uncertainty and worry manifested itself into two sleepless nights for our preschooler. If your children are struggling with the changes we are currently facing please take comfort knowing you are not alone.

We turned to technology for comfort. How extremely fortunate we are to have it as technology helped us connect with grandparents, friends and our church family over the weekend. Our daughter was comforted after seeing the smiling faces of loved ones on FaceTime and basked in the familiar as we participated in our church’s Sunday worship service streaming through the TV. Watching her preschool teacher read a favorite book on Instagram made settling into bed a tad bit easier. Bedtime continued to be a struggle but she fell asleep quicker than the night before and I pray she stays in a sweet slumber for the rest of the night.

Our use of technology as a way to connect with others will become our new normal when her dance studio holds a virtual class through Zoom and we video conference with our Parents As Teachers home educator and her speech therapist. A FaceTime chat with her preschool teacher and then a virtual play date with a classmate will round out our virtual social calendar.

After all of this is over I predict our relationships will be stronger and spending time with others in person is something we will no longer take for granted. I hope we continue to use technology as a way to connect with others and that we continue to use it to help those in need.

A FaceTime play date with a family friend and her cats.