Living Generously On Earth Day…Day 37

Today is the 50th anniversary of Earth Day, the annual celebration of the environmental movement. With a national pandemic and a social distancing ordnance, this historic Earth Day is one we will be celebrating at home.

The Earth Book– We began our Earth Day activities by reading The Earth Book by Todd Parr. This charming book shares many easy things we can do to help our Earth. From using both sides of the paper, to planting a tree to shopping with reusable bags. CLICK HERE to read the book.

Cleaning Up Our Earth– My daughter and I walked around the pond in our backyard and picked up trash. We filled up a large trash bag with trash and junk. We enjoy the pond and know that many animals do too. By picking up the litter and trash we can keep our pond clean and green for everyone to enjoy!

Earth Day Activities– We spent most of the day outside enjoying the Earth. We went on an Earth Day scavenger hunt in our backyard and wrote about picking up trash; something we did today and can do everyday. Indoor learning was taken outdoors when we watched a recycling video on the tablet and played a math game.

Reusing Old Toys– Earth day is the perfect time to go through toys and books and pass on the ones we are no longer using. My daughter selected a few items and we delivered them to a nearby friend. The family was overjoyed and knowing they will bring new life to things we no longer play with brought a smile to all of our faces!