Only in My Dreams…a Girls Night Out With Debbie Gibson and My Mini Me!

My fifteen year old self still feels like she is dreaming! This past weekend my family of three packed up the car and drove to Chicago to see Debbie Gibson, my favorite singer, in concert. Being a huge fan it isn’t surprising that I’ve seen her in concert a few times before. Most recently in September when the hubs took me to Vegas during her brief residency at the Bellagio.

But I became a Debhead in 1987 when Debbie released her debut album, “Out of the Blue.” I was 15 years old and had the album on cassette tape. I wore the cassette tape out playing it over and over again! Deb and her music were so relatable. In an industry that is all about money and image, Deb always remained true to herself by writing the music she loved and wearing the clothes she felt comfortable in. My parents took me to see the “Out of the Blue” tour because I just couldn’t get enough of Debbie’s heartfelt lyrics, which she has always written and composed herself. In fact, Deb was the youngest female artist to write, produce, and perform a number-one single. That was followed up with the “Electirc Youth” concert during my senior year of high school. Everyone at my high school knew I was a fan of the princess of pop and I often got teased but that didn’t stop me from being a proud card carrying DGIF member!

Debbie had an illustrious run as a Broadway actor performing in many beloved shows on and off Broadway and on tour. I saw her play Rizzo in the touring production of Grease in 1995 and had the joy of meeting her backstage.

Deb and I after a performance of Grease in 1995.

As Debbie matured, so did I, and her music continued to resonate with me. Her ten studio albums are the soundtrack to my life! When I hear one of her songs, I am immediately transported back to what I was doing, experiencing, and feeling during that time in my life. Thank you Deborah, for creating such memorable music that speaks so deeply to me.

My husband has always supported my love for Deb’s music, making sure we incorporated some songs at our wedding reception. He accompanied me to see Debbie in the NKOTB Mixtape Tour and took me on an anniversary trip a few months ago to see her amazing concert with Joey McIntyre in Vegas.

Live in Las Vegas in September 2021.

And that brings me to her latest album, “The Body Remembers” and her June 2022 concert tour. Although I always say that her latest music is the best, this album is simply AMAZING! I fell in love with the songs the first time I heard them. A few songs have shades from the past but there are lots of fresh, new sounds too! It simply has all the feels and since it’s release in August 2021, I have listened to it thousands of times. This is the first album Deb has released since the birth of my seven year old “mini me,” so she knows all of the lyrics and loves to dance and sing along!

When Debbie announced her June “The Body Remembers” tour I got tickets for my family of three to see Deb perform at the family friendly Des Plaines Theatre outside of Chicago, IL. I also splurged for VIP passes so my mini me and I could meet Debbie! Deb did not disappoint. She was so sweet, getting down on my daughter’s level and engaging her with talk about her dog Joey, who we had met earlier in the lobby, and shared some of the songs on the set list. I got to tell Deb how proud her mother would be of this album and tour and how much her music means to me! It was truly a night to remember!

My mini me with Deb’s dog, Joey.
Meeting Debbie Gibson on “The Body Remembers” tour in June 2022.

The concert was amazing! A wonderful mix of old and new material. Deb spent time at the keyboard and followed that with fun dance numbers with “The Bookend Baldies, who we also got to meet! They are wonderful guys and my mini me loved watching them dance. So much talent on the stage! I think she enjoyed Eddie and Buddy just as much as Debbie! We jumped out of our chairs and danced and sang all night long!

Me and my mini me with the fabulous Bookend Baldies

As the concert drew to a close, Deb sat at the keyboard one last time to play one of her iconic songs “We Could Be Together.” Then the most amazing thing happened, she invited fans to join her on stage. My mini me was invited up and I followed! What a dream come true, singing and dancing with Deb and Eddie and Buddy and the band she selected for this tour. My mini me stood beside Deb at the keyboard, fixated on her hands, following along to every move Deb made. I swayed back and forth with other Diamonds, some having traveled internationally to see their star on tour. Introducing my mini me to an artist that continues to inspire me as I enter my 50’s was a dream come true for this Noteworthy Mommy! I also met new friends on stage that night and for a few minutes I was transported back to a simpler time where music and friends and being together was all that mattered in my world.

A video of the Noteworthy Mommy and her mini me on stage with Debbie Gibson.