A Fence is No Barrier to a True Friendship (Who Are the Dogs in Your Neighborhood?)…Day 74

My daughter and I take a walk around our neighborhood almost everyday. It’s one of the many positive things that has come out of being quarantined for months. I lace up my walking shoes, she puts on her helmet, grabs her scooter and we’re off! We usually follow the same path by exiting our garage and walking North so we can visit Girlfriend.

Girlfriend is a dog that lives in our neighborhood. She barks at anything that moves, is turning grey around the muzzle and has a difficult time walking down the deck stairs to great us as age appears to be winning a race she didn’t sign up for. Sometimes Girlfriend’s furry housemates, Cookie and Pooch, join in the hello that always includes sloppy kisses, a back scratch and lots of love!

At first the dogs barked non-stop when they saw us but with each passing day, that changed. With my dog loving daughter insisting on stopping each time to give them attention, they began to recognize us and now when they see us they no longer bark, proving that a fence is no barrier to a true friendship. Over the weeks we met their owner and learned their real names. The names listed above were crafted by my daughter. We found out all three dogs are rescues and that Girlfriend’s name is actually Lady.

Although Lady (Girlfriend) is far from the prettiest dog in the neighborhood, a mutt with fur missing in several places, my daughter doesn’t seem to notice. They share a special bound that stretches beyond the exterior. I’ve heard people say that angels come in different forms. If that is true, we found one covered in fur that appeared just when we needed her. Lady (Girlfriend), thank you for helping us get through this time of uncertainty by bringing us joy, friendship and slobbery kisses!

My daughter made a drawing detailing one of the many visits we have had with Lady (Girlfriend) during the quarantine.

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