Living Generously, “Small Business, Supporting Small Business”…Day 67

We are all aware of the financial struggles many small businesses are enduring during the COVID-19 pandemic. As a way to support a local small business, my mother in law bought me a gift certificate to one of our favorite local restaurants for Mother’s Day. During the quarantine we have ordered curbside from Syberg’s a few times as a way to support a local business and to ensure that our favorite wings would be available when we are ready to eat out again.

Living Generously– A few days after my Mother’s Day surprise, I saw a post on-line from Total Comfort Heating & Air Conditioning, another local small business, stating they would match a gift card purchased from Syberg’s (up to $50) as a way to support a fellow small business during this unusual time. All that was needed was a copy of the receipt. With nothing to lose, I emailed the receipt that accompanied my gift card and forgot all about my submission. Imagine my surprise when I received a personalized note and a $50 Syberg’s gift card in the mail from Total Comfort Heating & Air Conditioning! A huge thank you to Kimberly Donahue, the owner, for participating in the “Small Business, Supporting Small Business” initiative. The Noteworthy Mommy and her family are grateful for your generosity! 



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