A Preschool Birthday Parade, Paint Sticks and Virtual Storytime… Day 31

Today my heart was happy. We safely interacted with others, got out of the house and surprised my daughter’s teacher with a birthday parade! The day was filled with fun and friendship, ending with a sweet surprise from a dear friend who is like family.

Surprise Birthday Parade– Birthdays are fun and surprise birthdays are even better! When I realized we wouldn’t get to see my daughter’s preschool teacher on her special day, I organized a preschool birthday parade. I think Mrs. Stanglein was surprised because when the birthday parade drove by she was in the shower! With wet hair and no shoes, she ran outside waving. She enjoyed seeing the sweet faces of the class she no longer gets to see in person. And the children enjoyed seeing each other, waving from decorated cars, the smiles on their dear faces providing proof.

We enjoyed decorating daddy’s truck for the big parade (we had 12 cars participate) and my daughter made a special card to go with the present. And what do you get someone on a birthday celebrated in isolation? A quarantine survival kit of course…beer, chocolate and toilet paper!

Chunkies Paint Sticks– My daughter created a beautiful painting for her teacher’s birthday with her Chunkies Paint Sticks by Ooly. There was no mess because the paint is contained in a plastic barrel. They are easy to hold and dry instantly, making them perfect for little hands. My daughter got the 24 count variety pack from the Easter Bunny. What a blessed little girl! Virtual Story Time– We ended our day with a virtual story time with my friend Jaime. My daughter calls her Auntie Jaime and we have all missed our monthly get togethers. Auntie Jaime sent my daughter the book Grow, Candice, Grow by Candice Cameron-Bure. The second in a series of books about a little girl named Candice, this book teaches the importance of patience when planting a garden. Auntie Jaime bought two copies of the book, sending one to us and keeping the other so she could read the book to my daughter virtually. My daughter followed along with her book and listened attentively; excitedly answering questions asked of her. It was a brilliant idea and a special gift for me and for my daughter. My daughter isn’t always engaged during virtual meetings but for this one she was. She even requested I leave the room, gifting me with something that has become rare, a few cherished moments to myself!

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