Palm Sunday and Holy Week Activities

The way we worshiped this Palm Sunday was different from anything we have ever experienced. But COVID 19 didn’t stop us from worshiping. It didn’t stop my church family from having a palm processional (a drive by parade where our pastors attached palms to our vehicles with a magnet). In fact, there were so many cars piling into the sanctuary parking lot that it created a traffic jam for others passing by! It didn’t stop the little children from waving palms. (many crafted by their little hands out of paper) With horns honking and shouts of “Hosanna,” COVID 19 didn’t stop us from praising our King!

CLICK HERE to view our Palm Sunday worship service.

Although we continued to worship and wave our paper palms, Palm Sunday just didn’t feel quite right. Please read this article Palm Sunday: It doesn’t feel right… by Joyfully Dancing Daughter, our former DCE (director of children’s education). Her words helped me wrap my mind around the thought of experiencing Holy Week in isolation.

Holy Week Coloring Pack- In preparing for Holy Week I found this coloring pack that visually details the events that lead to Jesus’s resurrection. CLICK HERE for a free download.

Early Childhood Holy Week Chapel Service– My daughter’s preschool has shared some excellent resources. Click on this link Sealing the Tomb to download the early childhood chapel service my daughter will virtually participate in with her classmates this week.

Palm Sunday StoryCLICK HERE to view a short online Palm Sunday story.

We Have a King Who Rides on a Donkey– My daughter loves this song! CLICK HERE to sing along!



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