Fifty & Fabulous!…50 New Things During My 50th Year

On Christmas Day, December 25, 2021, I turned 50! Although I had some small celebrations with family and friends around my actual birthday, I chose to celebrate my BIG 50 for an entire year! If Walt Disney World can do it, why can’t I? During my 50th year I am going to do 50 things I have never done before. Some things will be small like reading a book I have never read, seeing a movie I’ve never seen or eating a new food. Others may be a bit more complex like trying a new hobby, experiencing a new activity or traveling to an unseen destination. Throughout the year I will challenge myself by participating in activities that force me to reach outside of my comfort zone. This will be a year filled with learning and discovery! I hope to include family and friends on some of my adventures, so if you have suggestions to add to my list please comment below. I’ll be documenting my “50 new things during my 50th year” on Noteworthy Mommy so make sure to check back often to keep up with my adventures. I look forward to experiencing 50 new things this year!

Celebrating my 50th Christmas Birthday with a giant donut!

5 thoughts on “Fifty & Fabulous!…50 New Things During My 50th Year

  1. You are fabulous at 50 when you get there. I’m late I’m looking forward to your ventures of 50 new things To do by the time you turn 50. Happy birthday Jennifer


  2. I can’t believe you’re 50 already! You have accomplished so much in your life. Love the 50 things idea. I need to plan ahead for my next milestone birthday.
    I think the Biltmore is a great idea as well. I went to the Biltmore in NC for my 50th-it was amazing!
    Can’t wait to hear about your 50 things!
    Have an amazing year!


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